Terms and Conditions, Privacy & Refunds Policy


  1. Terms; These are the terms and conditions of membership of The Crafty Cabal. They are a contract between you and The Crafty Pint. Some special terms are defined at the end. You must be at least 18 years old to join The Crafty Cabal.
  2. Membership fees; The annual membership fee is specified on The Crafty Cabal site. Premium membership categories, with additional benefits, may be made available from time to time for higher fees.
  3. Cabal Benefits; Cabal Suppliers may offer discounts or other benefits to Cabal Members from time to time. Such benefits will be offered at the discretion of Cabal Suppliers, and only the relevant Cabal Supplier is responsible for providing them – see below. Many Cabal Benefits will subject to limits, which may be limits on dates of availability, number of benefits redeemed or by reference to any other matter. [##Some Cabal Benefits may be offered only to premium Cabal Members as and when premium membership categories are introduced.##]
  4. Redeeming benefits; As a Crafty Cabal Member, The Crafty Pint will supply you with:
    access to a members-only section of The Crafty Cabal where Cabal Suppliers may advertise Cabal Benefits and any applicable limits on those benefits (eg, dates of availability, or limited numbers); and
    the ability for you to claim, while connected to the internet, discounts and other benefits offered by Cabal Suppliers while logged in to the membership area with your unique password. You will only be able to claim Cabal Benefits by accessing your members area of The Crafty Cabal and while connected to the internet, either online or via The Crafty Pint app.
  5. Value of benefits; The Crafty Pint does not represent that any particular value of Cabal Benefits will be made available in any particular period. The potential value of membership will depend upon the willingness of Cabal Suppliers to offer Cabal Benefits.
  6. Membership is personal; Crafty Cabal membership is personal. You may not share your membership or login details with any other person, or claim Cabal Benefits on behalf of any person other than yourself.
  7. The Crafty Pint is not liable; By becoming a Cabal Member, you agree that:
    the Cabal Suppliers, and Cabal Suppliers alone, are responsible for providing the Cabal Benefits, and The Crafty Pint has no liability to you if a Cabal Supplier fails provide a Cabal Benefit it has promised;
    you are not relying upon any express or implied representation by The Crafty Pint that the Cabal Suppliers will honour their promises to provide the Cabal Benefits;
    The Crafty Pint does not endorse, and will not be responsible for any errors or misrepresentations in, the information made available to Cabal Members by Cabal Suppliers, including information published in respect of the Cabal Benefits by The Crafty Pint;
    The Crafty Pint is not supplying any goods in relation to The Crafty Cabal, unless explicitly stated, and the only services it is supplying is access to the members-only section of its website where Cabal Benefits may be advertised;
    to the extent permitted by law, all implied promises and representations by The Crafty Pint in relation to The Crafty Cabal are excluded and The Crafty Pint’s total liability in respect of any claim by you in connection with The Crafty Cabal (for whatever reason, including negligence, gross negligence and recklessness) is limited to $50, and where that limitation to $50 would contravene the Australian Consumer Law or an equivalent law, is limited to The Crafty Pint supplying the website access again or the payment of the cost of having those services supplied again; and
    to the extent permitted by law, you release the Crafty Pint from all claims in respect of The Crafty Cabal and Cabal Benefits, except for claims for access to the website and member's area. Such released claims include all claims in respect of product safety, product quality, intoxication, misleading and deceptive conduct, failure to provide any product or service and other aspects of the Cabal Benefits; and
    Cabal Suppliers or other vendors may from time to time offer benefits to Cabal Members without advertising them on The Crafty Pint website.
  8. Your personal information; The Crafty Pint will not routinely supply information that identifies you to Cabal Suppliers, but may do so in special circumstances, for instance, if you request assistance in redeeming a Cabal Benefit. At the time of announcement of the Crafty Cabal, The Crafty Pint does not intend to routinely supply any information identifying Cabal Members to other commercial actors such as advertisers, however this may change in the future, without notice. If you want to opt-out of any information that identifies you being supplied if this does change, please email us at
  9. Changes to terms; The Crafty Pint may make changes to these terms and conditions by advertising the fact that a change has occurred on The Crafty Pint or Crafty Cabal site from time to time. If you object to any such change that does occur, please email us at
  10. Terms used; ‘Cabal Benefit’ means a discount or benefit offered to Cabal Members; ‘Cabal Member’ means a member of this scheme; ‘Cabal Supplier’ means any supplier of goods or services that offers a Cabal Benefit;The Crafty Pint’ means The Crafty Pint Pty Ltd, ABN 12 276 790 552.


We will charge or debit your payment method at the beginning of your subscription period. When your membership subscription is due for renewal, we will use the payment method currently associated with your account. If your credit or debit account has been closed or your payment method is otherwise invalid, your subscription may not renew and your membership will be terminated until a new payment method is in place. Until you cancel, billing will continue according to the cycle stated at the time of your purchase. Members will receive notification via email prior to their annual membership period coming up for renewal.


If you would like to cancel your subscription to The Crafty Cabal, please contact us by email at Any amounts paid prior to your cancellation will not be refunded.

The minimum initial membership period is 12 months. If you choose to cancel, your subscription and access to your member’s area of The Crafty Cabal will expire at the end of your current paid period.


We reserve the right to revise the terms of these policies. Any changes made will apply to all memberships created or renewed after the date such change was implemented.