Business Signup

The Crafty Cabal is designed to help those in the business of brewing and selling beer connect with the beer lovers who drink it. It's a great way to bring people to your venue and put your brand and what you offer in front of a highly engaged audience of consumers.

How can my brewery / bar / bottleshop get involved?

Any brewery, bar, bottleshop or other beer business that has a listing with The Crafty Pint is able to take advantage of The Crafty Cabal. It's an additional, no cost benefit The Crafty Pint offers to those businesses we work with.

If you're not listed in the Crafty directory, you can find out more about how we operate here. To sign up, get in touch with Scott via email or on 0438 124 346.

If you're already signed up, you can fill in the form here with ideas on how you'd like to get involved. Alternatively, drop us a line and we can walk you through the simple steps.

OK. I want to get involved. How does it work?

Together, we'll work out a deal, event or giveaway that's a win-win-win for you, beer lovers and The Crafty Pint, then we'll set it up and get to work promoting it to members and the wider beer world.


If you put on an in-venue deal, we'll look to drive members through your doors to redeem it. Only members can access deals via their phone / tablet – they'll show it to you or your staff so you know they're genuine, you tap REDEEM and the offer will be marked as REDEEMED in their member's area.


If you want to do an event – online or at your place – we'll help put it together, promote it, handle door lists, taking ticket payments if appropriate, and be there to co-host.


And if you want to put up some beers or merch or something else as a prize for members to win, as well as promoting the competition, we'll look to provide contra promotion, such as site banners or newsletter content, in return.

Sound good? Then head here or drop us a line!