About the Crafty Cabal

The Crafty Cabal is a beer club for anyone who loves Aussie beer and wants to boost their beer experience.

We connect the people brewing and selling beer with the beer lovers that drink it, curating deals, events and giveaways with good beer businesses all over Australia for members to enjoy.

Once signed up, members can redeem deals, enter giveaways and sign up for events either online or via the free Crafty Pint app.

It costs just $99 for a year's membership – roughly $8 a month, or the price of a schooner – and gets you access to hundreds of DEALS (online and in venue), EVENTS (online and in person) and GIVEAWAYS (cases of beer, merch, event tickets and more).


Members receive a unique Cabalista number and can start getting stuck into the deals, events and giveaways straight away. This can be done via the web app version of The Crafty Cabal on your phone, tablet or computer, or by downloading the free Crafty Pint app and logging in as a Cabal member.

Click on any offer to find out more and, once you're ready to redeem, show it to staff at the venue / brewery who will look after you. For offers you can redeem from home, just follow instructions. Once an offer has been redeemed, it will no longer be accessible – unless it's one that can be redeemed daily, weekly, monthly etc.

You can redeem as many offers as you are able – all of them if you can. As for events, giveaways and in-site purchases, they're simple too: just follow instructions. The Crafty Pint app, which features hundreds of good beer venues across Australia, is the easiest way to access Cabal offers and events. However, please use the online version if you need to update your account details.

We add new offers, events and competitions every week – stay up-to-date via the Crafty Cabal Facebook and Instagram pages (@craftycabal) plus monthly newsletters and updates on the main Crafty Pint site and weekly newsletter.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to BOOST YOUR BEER EXPERIENCE with The Crafty Cabal!

Terms & Conditions here and our payment and refund policy here.

The Crafty Cabal is brought to you by the team at The Crafty Pint, Australia's leading beer site, with membership fees helping fund independent, award-winning beer journalism.

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