Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Crafty Cabal?

It's a beer club created by The Crafty Pint, Australia's leading beer site, for anyone wanting to boost their beer experience.

Members gain access to hundreds of exclusive deals, events and giveaways from Aussie breweries and beer venues – both online and in person.

What does it cost to be a member?

There's a flat fee of $99 for a year's membership – roughly $8 or the cost of a schooner per month.

This allows members to redeem as many of the deals as they can, as often as the brewery or venue allows, sign up for events, and enter giveaways to win cases of beer, merch, event tickets and more.

Members receive a personalised keyring on signing up as well as notification before their 12 months is up advising them their renewal is coming up.

What sort of deals are on offer?

You can check out the full list here or see what's available near you via the free Crafty Pint app.

They range from free beers and tasting paddles to two-for-ones, free growlers, merch and brewery tours, discounts and more. Since COVID-19 hit, we've also added a stack of online deals you can redeem with retailers and breweries all over the country.

We add more pretty much every week so keep checking in. And if you're out and about, check the Crafty app to see what's on offer near you.

How do member events work?

Up until 2020, these were always held at venues or breweries and ranged from behind-the-scenes tours and barrel tastings to masterclasses and bar shouts. Since the arrival of COVID-19, we've started running regular online events too.

In the long run, the plan is to do both – and to incorporate a live-streamed element even at in-person events so members who can't get there or live in other parts of the country can still take part. A silver lining of the pandemic!

Member events are typically free, or priced at a level that just covers absolute minimum costs – you pay a membership fee so we don't think you need to be charged more than is necessary for events. Often attendees will get their hands on free limited edition merch, from branded glassware to stubby holders.

Events appear in your member's area, where you can register, pay a fee if required, or – as has been the case with online events – learn how to purchase pre-release beers or exclusive packs ahead of the event.

With online events, we share the link exclusively with members to watch afterwards, and only make the streams public after a few weeks.

What sort of giveaways does The Crafty Cabal run?

For the most part, we run ballots to win cases of beer, sometimes in conjunction with merch. We aim to give away around 100 cases each year so we can share the love around.

When festivals and major events are back in full force again, you'll be able to try to win tickets too; pre-COVID we were giving away thousands of bucks worth every year and plan to get back to that again.

And there are occasional other competitions too. Just keep checking in regularly and watching socials. Check out what's on offer now here.

Can I buy a membership for a mate?

You sure can. Head here and follow the instructions.

Once their initial 12 months is up, they'll have the option to renew and pay themselves.

How can I keep updated with new deals, events and giveaways?

The easiest way is to keep checking your member's area online or via the Crafty Pint app.

Alternatively, follow the Cabal on Facebook and Insta, look out for the monthly eDM we send to members or updates in The Crafty Pint's weekly eDM, or on The Crafty Pint's socials.

Where does my membership fee go?

As well as funding the operation of The Crafty Cabal itself, it supports The Crafty Pint's independent beer journalism. 

In these challenging times for all media organisations, particularly since COVID-19 hit, membership fees are a huge help in keeping the small, family-owned business running.

What happens if I want to end my membership?

Why would you haha!

Easy – just head to your Account Details in the online version of the member's area and cancel your membership.