Get A Case Of Pleazure Kruze when you join

KAIJU! know a thing or two about making delicious hoppy beers and, for summer 2022/23, they're unveiling another one.

Pleazure Kruze has evolved from their first every brewpub beer at the Cantina to become their newest core range beer – and you can read all about the jazzily-canned hazy pale here.

We've also got a stack of cases to give away to Cabal members to celebrate its arrival and have put a couple aside as welcome gifts for new members when they join The Crafty Pint's beer club.

Just select the appropriate option from the drop-down list when signing up and we'll get a case on its way to you in January.

You don't have to wait for the beer to arrive to be be able to start redeeming deals, entering competitions and looking out for member events either – jump into them straight away!

Sounds great. Let me in!